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Is Skype HIPAA-compliant?, Part III

So, in my post last week , I described why I don’t think that the protocol used by Skype (assuming that it is the one they claim to be using on their website) seems fairly secure to me–it’s the same protocol used by banks and is approved by the government for the transmission of top […]

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Group therapy anyone?

I noticed an announcement last week saying that Skype was releasing a new beta version of its software for Windows which allows up to five people to participate in a video call simultaneously. Alas, it isn’t clear when they’ll have something for Linux and Mac users, but this will certainly be a feature that I’ll […]

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Is Skype HIPAA-compliant?, Part II

I got a couple of comments a month ago regarding Skype security and in response to my previous post “Is Skype HIPAA-compliant?”  Marlene Maheu at the TeleMental Health Institute’s Center for Online Counseling and Psychotherapy  has a blog post on in which she voices some concerns about Skype security and in which she references […]

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Psychiatric Times Article on E-Psychiatry

Psychiatric Times has a recent article on using the Internet to connect with patients. The authors bring up a whole group of points that I agree with: Email is already verging on obsolescence for people under 30 The patients under 30 don’t understand why anyone providing a service wouldn’t answer text messages Psychiatrists tend to […]

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Telepsychiatry, it isn’t just for institutions anymore

There were nice posts this weekend on Steve Daviss’s blog and ShrinkRap regarding the new regulations in Maryland for doing telepsychiatry with patients in the public mental health system.  (The state calls this “Telemental Health,” which seems like an odd word to use given that I think “Telepsychiatry” is used by most other people.) We’ve […]

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Rating scales and telepsychiatry

Over the past few months, I’ve been doing more and more rating scales with patients. When people first come in, they download and fill out an initial form which asks the usual demographic information like addresses and phone numbers but also includes a patient health questionnaire (PHQ) . The PHQ screens for somatization disorder, panic […]

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Telepsychiatry and technical difficulties

It’s surprising how few technical difficulties my patients have had with Skype, but there have been a few. With one exception, all the technical troubles any of my patients have encountered have been the very first time that they’ve set up Skype. Although I tell everyone to test it out before they try it for […]

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Telepsychiatry in high definition?

A recent post on the Skype site is pretty interesting: With the right gear, you’ll soon be able to make Skype video calls in 720p HD. The latest beta version of Skype for Windows now supports HD-quality video (1280 x 720 resolution at up to 30 frames per second), giving you an even smoother and […]

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Informed consent for telepsychiatry

I’m not exactly sure when the State of Maryland is going to enact regulations for telepsychiatry, but I’ve finally put together a basic informed consent form for telepsychiatry for my practice. I tried to write it in fairly plain English, unlike my HIPAA form , which is so complicated that I don’t really understand half […]

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Telepsychiatry and the background

The office for my practice and my office at home both get a little cluttered at time. I try to keep my practice office relatively organized because I think most patients feel better that way, and I try to keep my office at home less cluttered because I feel better that way. At work, I’ve […]

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